V.K. India Top HDPE Tarpaulin (Tirpal)

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MRP: 824
Price: ₹ 681
You Save: ₹ 143 (17%)
Total Price: 681
  • All products are made from high-quality grade polyethylene materials.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Light in weight hence eases of handling.
  • Outstanding flexibility hence suited to cover irregular shapes.
  • Tough and durable, without eyelet tirpal
  • Heat-sealed hemming with strong joints; no stitches.
  • Resistant to Stains Acids, Dyes, and most Chemicals.
  • 100% waterproof, leak-proof, weatherproof, oil proof.
  • Cost-effective.
  • 100% recyclable; environment-friendly.
  • Available in a variety of attractive colors like blue, yellow, green, red, etc.
Additional Information
Color Blue, Yellow, Green, Red
Size 11.4 x 65.6 Ft, 9.5 x 19.7 Ft, 7.75 x 26.2 Ft, 11.4 x 19.7 Ft, 15.4 x 16.4 Ft, 18.9 x 19.7 Ft, 11.4 x 26.2 Ft, 11.4 x 32.8 Ft, 15.4 x 26.2 Ft, 15.4 x 32.8 Ft, 7.75 x 65.6 Ft, 22.7 x 26.2 Ft, 7.75 x 164 Ft, 18.9 x 52.5 Ft, 15.4 x 65.6 Ft, 9.5 x 13.1 Ft, 15.4 x 65.6 Ft, 11.4 x 13.1 Ft, 7.75 x 19.7 Ft, 9.5 x 164 Ft, 11.4 x 164 Ft, 15.4 x 114.8 Ft, 18.9 x 98.4 Ft, 9.5 x 65.6 Ft, 9.5 x 16.4 Ft, 11.4 x 16.4 Ft

Our experience of 30 years in this field tells us that users of Tirpal generally do not understand what Tirpal is most suitable for them. We have endeavored to break this trend by developing a Tarpaulin which can be used in many places. It is ideal for clay brick factory as well as in a house or on a transport vehicle. This is manufactured by V.K. Packwell Pvt. Ltd., using the best quality of raw materials and colors. It is Heavy Tear Resistance, U.V. Protection, Light-Weight. VK India Top Tirpal provides high-grade quality at a low price. 

What is Tarpaulin

A Tarpaulin, a large sheet of waterproof material, is available in many sizes. It is usually made from plastics like Hdpe or Ldpe. You can use tarps to protect any item. Tarpaulins are a great way to protect goods during shipping. They can also be used to store goods inside a truck so that they are protected from the elements. tarpaulin meaning in hindi -Tirpal

Tarpaulins: Top Uses


You can cover any goods with a tarpaulin. The tarp is able to protect the goods during transportation. They can then be used to hold the items within the frame of the truck so that they are not exposed to outside elements..


If you find any holes or leaks in your building due to damage, a quick masking with a Tarpaulin will fix the problem.


A Hdpe is a safe and reliable option in the event of an unexpected need for safety haven.V.K tarpaulin producers It can provide a dry area for a few people or a whole family. A tarp can be used to make a roof or wall.


Tarpaulins can be a boon for both small and large-scale farmers. It is able to keep farmers’ crops safe

Sport activities

Many outdoor carrying arenas are exposed to the elements. If you want your fields to remain clean and beautiful, you will need to cover them when it gets bad.


Covers are required for many industries to contain dangerous inhalants and mists. Insect exterminators are one example. Because each home is different in size and shape, you need something that can mold to the structure of what you’re covering. A tarpaulin does just that.

Tarpaulin price

Hdpe Tarpaulin manufactured by VK Packwell Pvt Ltd is superior in both price and quality as compared to other companies.

About The Tarpaulin Manufacturer And Best Quality Tirpal

About The Tarpaulin Manufacturer And Best Quality Tirpal

Tarpaulins are used for many purposes like protecting anything from wind, rain, sunlight and other natural factors. Tarpaulins are mostly used in India to protect vehicles from natural events. Tarpaulin covers mostly everything such as vehicles, and crops too. Hdpe tarpaulin and plastic tarpaulin protects crops and vehicles from dirt, wind, rain and harmful storms. Buy good quality tarpaulin with convenient tarpaulin size and price. The best quality tarpaulin protects your crop stock and vehicles .

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