V.K. Sarvottam Heavy Duty HDPE Lapeta Pipe (60 Meter)

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MRP: 3550
Price: ₹ 3292
You Save: ₹ 258 (7%)
Total Price: 3292
  • Extremely Strong and you can use with Drip , Sprinkler and Rain Irrigation System
  • U V Coated and Cross Weaving Technology
  • Flexible and Foldable
  • Length - 60 Meter
  • Color - White
  • High Pressure Bearing Capacity
  • Patented Technology
Additional Information
Size 6 Inch, 5 Inch, 4 Inch, 3 Inch, 2.5 Inch, 2 Inch

We manufacture superior quality of V.K. Sarvottam HDPE Lapeta Pipe. It is white in color. We have many dealers across India. V.K. Sarvottam HDPE Lapeta pipe is being used by more than half a million farmers in India. After immense research and development, we have developed water carrying a pipe. Our product V K Sarvottam HDPE Lapeta Pipe is extremely Light in weight. You can easily carry around our product without any hard work. You can install V K Sarvottam Lapeta Pipe very easily. Our product fulfills all the quality requirements of BIS standards. Our HDPE Lapeta Pipe is very good in quality. Our company’s main aim is to provide the best quality Lapeta Pipe to the farmers.

VK Sarvottam pipe comes in many sizes. 19mm (3/4inch) is the smallest size we currently make. We also make 200mm(8 inches). We have a BIS license from 2 inches to 8 inches. 2 inches and below is used in houses and gardens or in small farms.

V.K. Sarvottam pipe is UV coated on both sides. This UV is critical as it protects the pipe for many years from the sunlight. Other pipes are easily damaged by the sun.

V.K. Packwell has taken a bigger leap and introduced a revolutionary. V.K. Sarvottam HDPE flexible woven irrigation pipe after immense research and development. V.K. Sarvottam HDPE flexible woven irrigation pipe is stronger than original pipes and also light in weight and easy to use. These pipes are now widely recommended and as water usage and can easily be optimized to get benefits maximum benefits. It is equally useful in places where the level of farmland is not uniform or equal. V.K. Sarvottam HDPE woven irrigation pipe is tested and verified by the Central Institute of Plastic Engineering & Technology (CIPET, Bhopal & Lucknow). Our pipe has been tested in these renowned institutes and labs.