V.K. Sarvottam Eco-Friendly Waterproof Cable/Tarpaulin/Tirpal (100 GSM)

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MRP: 1198
Price: ₹ 1111
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Total Price: 1111
  • Protect people and objects from the sun, wind, and rain
  • Use to create temporary shelters and Camps
  • Protect livestock from extreme cold and heat.
  • Useful in agriculture
  • Protect couches, motorbikes, cars and other items to keep dust from accumulating and potentially damaging the surface.
Additional Information
Size 15 Ft x 13 Ft, 15 Ft x 19 Ft, 15 Ft x26 Ft, 15 Ft x 32 Ft, 15 Ft x 49 Ft, 15 Ft x 65 Ft
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