V.K.Vermicompost bed 275 GSM, HDPE Fabric, UV Coated for Compost - 8x4x2 ft

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MRP: 1999
Price: ₹ 1439
You Save: ₹ 560 (28%)
Total Price: 1439
  • 275 GSM & Multilayer HDPE Fabric
  • UV Coated
  • Vermiwash Outlet
  • Portable
  • Portable
  • Easy Installation
  • Durable, long-lasting, waterproof
  • UV Stabilized
  • Flexible and Economical
  • Easy to handle

V. K. Vermicompost bed represents the future in modern compost technology. We offer a unique combination of simple installation, optimal aeration control, lightweight materials, and extremely tough construction. It is a smart choice for all organic agricultural industries that benefit from the higher yields resulting from vermicomposting.

  • Its most appealing feature is its ease of installation. Those days are gone, of having to construct expensive over  Vermicompost bed from materials such as concrete. It is so easy to install, several beds can be erected in just a few hours!! They are also very easy to relocate. Along with it, we have a full range of HDPE items of V.K. Pack Well Products.
  • Just slide the V. K. Vermicompost bed beds off their installation posts, move them to a new location, and in a few hours, they are back in service! Lightweight reinforced HDPE construction means that they can be transported cheaply and without heavy-duty vehicles. This also makes it easy to set them up in hard-to-access or remote locations.
  • In addition to industry-leading durability and construction, these beds are factory-fitted with aeration windows. Aeration allows the compost to maintain the proper moisture and oxygen levels for microbial populations to operate at peak efficiency. They also prevent excess heat buildup. Optimal aeration results in faster and healthier composts that in turn give higher crop yields. 
12th Pass Woman “Sulafat Moideen”, Started Farming on The Roof Of The House, Earns 2.5 lakh Rupees Annually

12th Pass Woman “Sulafat Moideen”, Started Farming on The Roof Of The House, Earns 2.5 lakh Rupees Annually

Sulafat Moideen, 46, a resident of Edavanakkad village in Ernakulam district in Kerala, is known for farming on the terrace. Many people have taken inspiration from him and started growing vegetables on the roof of their houses. Apart from the common citizens, he has also received a lot of appreciation from the Agriculture Department of Kerala. He has also received the award in the 'Best Terrace Farmer' category of Kerala in the year 2020.

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