There Are 1250 Trees And Plants Including Figs, Rudraksh, Celery, Insulin On The Roof, No Need For AC-V.K Terrace Garden Grow Bags

There Are 1250 Trees And Plants Including Figs, Rudraksh, Celery, Insulin On The Roof, No Need For AC-V.K Terrace Garden Grow Bags

Dalip Kumar Master of Terrace Gardening

Terrace Gardening

52-year-old Dalip Kumar, a resident of Patiala in Punjab, has been fond of terrace gardening since childhood. His love for trees and plants was so much that he also made his career in this field. He studied MSc Horticulture and currently, he is appointed as 'Executive Engineer' in Horticulture Department of Patiala Municipal Corporation.

Dalip says that professionally his job is to maintain the parks, squares, and gardens of the city. Along with this, he has also given the roof of his house a very beautiful garden.

On their terrace garden you will find about 1250 trees andx plants of different species. Dalip says that it took him many years to build such a beautiful garden. He also grows ornamental plants, succulents, vines to fruits, flowers, herbs and vegetables on his terrace Gardening.

He says that he does not want to make any record that so many k.g of fruits or so many vegetables were grown in his garden. He is just fond of planting all kinds of trees and takes care of them wholeheartedly. He has prepared his garden in such a way that the temperature of his house remains less than the outside temperature.

Talking to The Better India, Dalip talks about his gardening journey, “Gardening not only adds greenery but it is also a great way to keep yourself calm and stable. Plant some trees and plants on your terrace and spend time with them. I do yoga every day sitting in my garden. Trust me, it has a very positive effect on me."

without use soil for planting plants on Terrace garden:

Dalip explains that if we talk about plants, then among the ornamental plants, they have Croton, Dracina Red, Dracina Kedarnath, Zizy Plant, Black Rubber Plant, Hybrid Kaner, Chandni, Areca Palm, Lipstick Plant, Spider Plant etc. Huh. Apart from these, in his terrace garden, you will also see vines of flowers like Rangoon, Jasmine, Miniature Rose.

Talking about fruits, he has planted mango, chikoo, lemon, perennial lemon, orange, fig, tangerine, grapefruit. Apart from these, he is also growing seasonal vegetables and plants like Tulsi, Asafoetida, Lemon Grass, Stevia, Camphor, Rudraksha, Insulin Plant, Ajwain, Olivia, Aloe Vera.

The most interesting thing about his terrace gardening is that for planting the plants, he does not use soil. All their trees and plants are thriving in the compost made from wet waste. He makes compost from all kinds of organic waste in his own house. In addition, compost is made from wet and organic waste collected by the city's municipal corporation. Dalip explains that the Horticulture Department of the corporation sells this manure to the people, so they also buy this manure for their terrace garden. Because compost made from organic waste is considered very beneficial for gardening.

Also, due to the use of manure and cocopeat, etc., the weight on the roof does not increase. He further says that he does almost all the work of taking care of his terrace garden himself. He has prepared his garden in such a way that if anyone wants to sleep in the garden at night, he can also sleep. He has built a cabin along with the garden, in which an 'insulator sheet' has been installed to prevent the heat from going down. He told, “I have also installed a fogging system in the garden. By running it once a day, the whole garden cools down and there is no effect of excessive heat on the trees and plants.

Due to the rooftop garden, the temperature inside their house remains very low. He says that he has not installed AC in the house till date and the reason for this is his terrace garden. Not only do they get fresh fruits and vegetables from their terrace garden, but their living conditions have also become friendly to nature. Therefore, he says that if you want to take yourself closer to nature, then do gardening on your terrace.

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 Terrace Gardening Tips:

  • He says that for terrace gardening, first of all, it is very important to have determination and patience in you. Next, look at the available space in your home. What kind of trees and plants can be planted there and how much sunlight comes in that place, keep these things in mind. You can get started with gardening with a few flowers and simple vegetables. Plant first plants that require less care and water.
  • For planting trees, the rainy season is most suitable. Therefore, you should prepare in advance which and how many trees and plants you have to plant.
  • To protect the roof from leakage, you can paint the roof with waterproof paint or even polythene can be applied.
  • For gardening, make maximum use of the things available in the house. For example, make compost from wet waste, you can plant saplings with coriander, red dry chili grains available in the kitchen. You can also plant new plants from the seeds of vegetables. Use old glass-plastic containers, bottles, tubs, old buckets lying in the house as a planter.
  • In the beginning, prepare a potting mix by adding compost to the soil. But in this also you can keep the minimum amount of soil and keep more quantity of manure and cocopeat so that the weight on the roof does not increase.
  • It is very easy to make compost at home. Due to this, the organic waste of your house also does not go out.
  • In summer, take special care of water for the plants. Water the plants in the morning and evening and try to get 'shadenet' installed. So that when it is too hot, the sunlight doesn't burn your plants.
  • In the end he simply says that while gardening, you learn a lot. You get to know about many new plants and techniques. Therefore, everyone should plant two or four trees, but trees and plants must be planted.

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