Using Water wisely To Grow More With Less

Using Water wisely To Grow More With Less


Water is one of the scarce resources of India Given the ever-increasing scarcity of water, the time has come for us to use it wisely. Precise irrigation and innovative technology that uses water wisely and helps farmers to get a high level of crop yield with minimum water. VK pack well Pvt Ltd. is one of the leading Agriculture Solution Providers in India

Water-use efficiency with Rain pipe irrigation system

Indian agriculture continues to be under various threats, such as depletion of groundwater, lavage, drought, abnormal or incapable of accessing water reserves. or sudden rains, the V.K Rain pipe irrigation system works as a suitable solution to combat most of these concerns. Through proper and adequate planning and use of water.

Precision Fertigation

plant nutrition is not a matter of quantity it is a matter of efficiency Precision fertigation delivers nutrients straight to the roots of each plant in personalized combination with perfect timing so you use fertilizer more efficiently and get the best return on your inputs even in cases where your soil moisture is balanced and there is no need for additional irrigation.

Food Security

by 2050 the world will need to double its food production to keep up with the demand that means growers will need twice the amount of water and arable land but the availability of both resources is already in Rapid decline so instead, growers need a solution that changes the way they operate one that increases their efficiency and productivity with the resources they have the V.K Rain pipe irrigation system (precision irrigation) system is that solution