How To Connect Rain Pipe In Hard Pvc Pipe

How To Connect Rain Pipe In Hard Pvc Pipe

hello farmer brothers

We have used sprinkler irrigation which is also called sprinkler irrigation, but what is the biggest problem when irrigation is done with a sprinkler. That problem is, not being able to set up the sprinkler, which takes a lot of labor and transportation, besides this, there is also a risk of theft of the sprinkler

But the farmers are not able to use it properly due to the labor cost and the danger of theft. Understanding this problem of the farmer's brothers, VK Pack Well-Private Limited Company has invented such a rain pipe.

How To Connect Rain Pipe In Hard Pvc Pipe

Which can be installed very easily in government-subsidized Hard Pvc pipe. Farmers get subsidies in almost every state on hard PVC pipes. the connectors used in Hard Pvc pipe are available in 2 sizes 19MM and 25MM, Before buying rain pipe, check the connector length.  This kit is very easy to use. No experienced person is required to install it.

How To Use Rain Pipe

To install the kit, the connector for hard pipe is to be installed in the connector, from where we connect the pipe of the sprinkler, after the connector is installed, we have to connect the rain pipe, always remember one thing while installing the rain pipe that the sticker side should be facing up. Because the holes in the rain pipe are on the sticker side, the end of the rain pipe is closed by the end cap provided in the rain pipe kit.

V.K Rain Pipe made of Multi-Layer HDPE fabric, and is flexible and foldable, which makes it easy to apply on high and low surfaces, and being light in weight, it can be brought and carried from one place to another. Showers are like artificial rain.

For example, natural rain mixes the nitrogen present in the atmosphere with itself and gives it to plants and crops. Due to which the growth of plants and crops increases, in the same way, artificial rain also gives nitrogen present in the atmosphere to the crops, Due to which the need of fertilizers for the farmers is also reduced.

And there is high growth in crops and fruits, vegetables and fruits suffer a lot from other harmful insect moths, 3 to 4 minutes use of Rain Irrigation makes the wings of moths soaked in water. And they end, compared to sprinklers, irrigate with rain irrigation system saves water from 50 to 60 percent, and increases the yield of crops by 50 to 60 percent also.