Jitendra Got The Best Farmer Award for Using Technology

Jitendra Got The Best Farmer Award for Using Technology

Now farmers across the country will also start adopting the zero energy system prepared by the farmer of village Gopipur in the district. Farmer Jitendra Patidar, along with scientists of Krishi Vigyan Kendra Girwar, reached the Indian Agricultural Research Center in Delhi and told the farmers from all over the country how to reduce the cost of farming by including zero energy system (solar pump, rain  irrigation system and artificial pond construction). can do. For this, he was also given the Best Farmer Award at the district level.

23 farmers from Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh were selected for the Abhinav Kisan Sammelan held in Delhi. Jitendra Patidar of Gopipur in the district, playing an important role in the team of these farmers, told the farmers who came from all over the country that it is necessary to pay attention from the beginning to reduce the cost of crops. It has to be started with irrigation of crops. Farmer Jitendra says that he got inspired to innovate on the advice of agricultural scientists and he first started using solar pumps, artificial ponds and rain irrigation system together.

This reduces the cost of electricity and diesel on irrigation and reduce the need for labour. Apart from this, even after the rain, it started accumulating enough water to irrigate a crop. Other farmers have been informed about this. Now they too can do the same.

Jitendra got the best farmer award for using technology, told the farmers of the country in Delhi how the zero energy system works

This will be the benefit- Agricultural scientist SS Dhakad told that with this system the cost of crops is reduced and the dependence on electricity of the farmers is decreasing. Apart from this, water conservation was also encouraged. By making artificial ponds, storing rain water and using it in the opposite time, there is no worry about irrigation.

More than 100 farmers of the area adopted the system of Patidar of Gopipur

Senior scientists of Krishi Vigyan Kendra say that the way Patidar has reduced the cost of crops by eliminating the problem of water and electricity for irrigation by incorporating technologies, other farmers can also use it. To see this effort of Patidar, farmers of Khedavad, Mangalawad, Lahori, Bharad, Maksi including Shivpuri, Khandwa, Rajgarh etc. have also started adopting this system by contacting them. At the same time, according to Krishi Vigyan Kendra, more than 100 farmers of the area have also started it.