How to Earn More Money in less Space Through Vermicomposting

How to Earn More Money in less Space Through Vermicomposting

How To Make Vermicompost By Amit Tyagi

farmer brothers, today we have come to Sajak Mahila Gram Utthan which is located in Kina Nagar inside Meerut. On this, you will get information from Amit Tyagi ji that how you can earn good profit from vermi composting in very less space, let's talk to Amit Tyagi ji.

Since there are many methods of making vermi compost, there is also a method of vermi bed. If we want to do this, then if we have land available then it is not a good thing, then we can do it on the roof of the house or even in the lawn. The common problem comes that if the land availability is less then how to do composting at that place or someone in the city wants to do then only one question comes in mind that how do I do it then vermi bed with composting. is a great solution. The best part is that it doesn't require much basics to set up. Together we can also put beds here and there if needed.

There are many types of vermi beds but vermibeds from VK Pack Well Private Limited Company are the best in terms of quality. And it is BIS ISI certified. Other vermi beds in the market have a life span of one year to two years while VK vermibed last longer. Due to being U.V coated, it does not affect any weather. Because the quality of the vermi bed matters a lot for good vermi composting. There is a mesh in this bed. It passes the air in your bed. As air, water and food are important in vermi composting, then because of the mesh in this vermi bed, air passes easily throughout the bed. So that the earthworm will be healthy and will produce more.

Vermicompost bed preparation

Let's see what the ground level is like before we start. The level we want to maintain should be at least 1 inch on one side of the slope. The size of our bag is 12x4x2, so according to that we have prepared the space. After preparing the space, we see that one side should be a little high and the other part should be 1 inch low. The purpose of giving this slope is the vermi wash from vermi compost. There are 12 types of nutrients present in cow dung, our farmer brothers are not able to use those micro elements. When we put cow dung on the road and or throw it in the pit, what happens in that condition that the rain water falls in the dung, then all the elements of the dung come out through the water, When we apply vermi bed, all the elements present in the cow dung will get accumulated in one place due to slope, this is called vermi wash.

After preparing the slope lay the bed. If we have to fit this bag, then what we will do is first 16 ports are given in the bed and some pockets are given, we have to put poles in these pockets. We will not put the poles directly after placing the bag, first we will make a mark in it and we will mark it with any kind of ash or lime inside 1 meter of the bed. Now we have to keep in mind that the bed is not to be kept here and there. Now we will put poles in it. Like we have put these poles. While attaching the poles, keep in mind that the pole should not be tilted here and there but should be towards the vermi bed. Now we hook the sticks in the pockets present in the vermi bed. Putting a plastic pipe in the lower part of the vermi bed, take it out and keep a bucket outside in which the vermi wash will collect.

Explain the method of preparation of Vermi Compost?

To prepare vermi compost we will first apply a layer of grass straw waste, the fact is that when we put cow dung on it and water will be poured from above then this mesh will be closed if the garbage from above If it is lying, then the air will be able to pass easily and the cow dung will not freeze completely. And the waste water present in it will have a place to drain.

What will be the quantity of cow dung?

About 1500 kg of cow dung comes easily inside this vermi bed. In this we will put earthworms. Its quantity will be around 20 kg. This 20 kg earthworm will eat the whole cow dung and convert it to vermi compost in 70 days, at least 600 kg manure will be ready, which is an important point that your number of earthworms will double during this process. If we also sell manure for Rs 6 a kg, then your manure is ready for Rs 3600. And in this vermi bed you had put 20 kg earthworm, according to 300 rupees kg, now that earthworm has become 40 kg, then 20 kg earthworm has profit, then your earthworm has increased by 6 thousand rupees. So manure worth Rs 3600 and earthworm worth Rs 6000 from one bed, then total Rs 9600 if you have 10 of this bed, then in 70 days you got goods worth Rs 96000.

If we do not sell earthworms then what will be its economic?

It is even more simple, if your vermi compost was being prepared in 70 days, then it will be ready for you in 35 days.

Explain the process till the end of Vermi Compost Process?

Till now you have read that our vemi bed is ready. Now we will put earthworms in the second step that breed is Eisenia fotida, this is an Australian breed, it is the world's richest protein element. These waste paper, flowers, leaves eat everything and turn it into high quality compost. Now we come to the third stage, now we can put straw, if we do not have straw then we can also put jute bag in it. The advantage of this is that the moisture in the vermi compost will be retained. And earthworms will always be in the dark. Only the moisture in it. We will keep this for 40 days. The earthworm will eat and go towards the bottom. There is a bed of 12 feet, in this we have to pour only 12 liters of water, that is only according to the season. And in a few days vermi compost will be ready.