Features of Rain Irrigation System

Features of Rain Irrigation System

Friends, water crisis is a serious issue inside India, so everyone should avoid misuse of water at their level. Friends, our farmer brothers are struggling a lot about this water crisis that the ground water is falling continuously and they do not have enough water for irrigation, if there is little water then they irrigate once or twice and not till the last water Get. Irrigation. And the ground water level is continuously falling. In such a situation, it is necessary that we adopt the modern technology of irrigation so that we can do more irrigation work in less water, for this there are many methods of irrigation which include drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation. Now Rain Irrigation System has also been included in this category.

Through rain pipe, you can do more irrigation in very less water, so today I will introduce you to all the features of this rain pipe “rain pipe irrigation system” and will also tell you how to use it.

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It is very easy to install a rain pipe with the help of a rain pipe kit.

Rain pipe is very easy to install. Any farmer brother can easily plant it. The pipe you are looking at is HDPE laminated pipe made of Woven Lay technology. Due to which the ability to bear the sun, rain and cold is very high. First, we lay it out and connect it to our main line. Then mark the pipe at a distance of 15 ft. From where we will connect the rain pipe to the main line.

 So in this way we have marked every 15-15 distance in the main line. Now where we have marked, we will make a hole so that we can connect it to the "rain pipe irrigation system" main line, which is the closing valve.

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 When making a hole in the pipe, pay attention to the marking tool provided with the rain pipe irrigation system "Rain pipe kit".

So that the hole is not small or big. Now in this we will fit the valve given by the company. Which is very easy to install, after fitting the valve, we will connect the rain pipe to the valve.

While connecting, keep in mind that the mark on the pipe should be facing upwards. So that the holes made in the pipe remain upwards. While fixing the pipe in the valve, we raise the bangle in the valve and after installing the pipe, bring it down and tighten it so that the pipe is firmly attached to the valve.

Now we will spread the rain pipe smart irrigation in the whole field. To increase the length of the pipe if needed, the jointer provided by the company is available only with the "Rain pipe kit".

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Through which we can connect two pipes with each other very easily. Then we use the endcap at the end of the pipe. Which is given by the company with rain pipe kit

This Rain Pipe Smart Irrigation System of VK Pack Well is made up of five layers, after laying all the pipes, we cut some part of the end end of the main pipeline and then cut the end end by turning it two to three times. The part is placed upwards. So in this way the flow of water is stopped, after the whole process is completed, we start it.

Friends, you will see that it is raining very well in your field. You can complete three hours of irrigation through this irrigation in just half an hour. And will be able to irrigate more area with less water. This rain pipe wets the soil up to a depth of 6 inches by running smart irrigation for just 20 to 25 minutes.

do you know in which crops we can use this irrigation system?

Rain pipe irrigation system is very beneficial for 2 inch to 6 inch crops and for vegetables growing inside the land.







in floriculture

Other vegetables and crops

Irrigation with rain pipe smart irrigation also reduces the effect of insects on plants. And if you use it in case of frost, then its effect also gets reduced.