Why Farmers like This Hose Pipe Manufactured By V.K Pack Well

Why Farmers like This Hose Pipe Manufactured By V.K Pack Well

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Most of the wells have been constructed in those areas where loamy soil is found because from this water seeps into the surface and gets stored in the form of underground water. Three types of wells are used for irrigation and drinking water purposes in the country-
raw wells, pucca wells, tube wells
The states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh have the majority of the total irrigated land in the country that is irrigated by wells. Here about 50 percent of the land is irrigated by wells and taps. Apart from these states, irrigation is also done through wells and tube wells in the states of Haryana, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka.
During the first plan period, the number of tube wells in the country was only 3,000, which has now become about 57 lakhs. Tamil Nadu has the highest number of tube well pump sets in the country, while Maharashtra has second place. Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of tube wells. Its prevalence has increased in Punjab and Haryana in the last two decades. Apart from this, other states with the predominance of tube wells are – Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Gujarat.

Why farmers like this hose pipe  manufactured by VK Pack Well

The farmers of our country use hose pipe to carry the water coming out of the pumping set to the fields. The biggest problem facing the farmers of our country is that long-distance hose pipe have to be used to carry water from pumping Set  to the fields. During irrigation in the fields, when many types of heavy vehicles like trucks, motorcycles, cars, etc. pass over the pipe, there is a danger of the pipe bursting.

If due to this the irrigation pipe bursts then our farmers have to face loss and the farmer of our country is not yet rich enough to buy irrigation pipe again and again.

Keeping this problem in mind, VK Packwell Pvt Ltd has manufactured HDPE Lapeta pipe  Pipe which is known for its strength.

This irrigation pipe manufactured by VK Pack Well is very popular among farmers due to its many features.

  • Due to this Hose Pipe being UV coated, there is no effect of sun rays in it.
  • Due to its lightweight, it becomes very easy for farmers to bring and carry and also saves any transportation cost and labor cost in fetching and carrying also .
  • Due to being made of HDPE material, this Hose Pipe is quite foldable and flexible so that there is no problem in using it in high and low areas.
  • If for any reason there is a puncture in this pipe, then the company also gives a puncture kit along with the hose pipe to correct it

The company has manufactured different types of Hose pipes keeping in mind the need of the farmers.

  • v.k Sarvottam 2.0 HDPE Hose Pipe
  • Sarvottam HDPE Lapeta Pipe
  • Champion HDPE Lapeta Pipe
  • Xtra Strong Lapeta Pipe
  • Samraddha Kisan HDPE Lapeta Pipe
  • K. Sarvottam Extra Heavy Duty

is this irrigation pipe available online ?

Yes, you can also buy this hose pipe online from Amazon Flipkart and the company's official website vkgroupindia.in.