HDPE Pipe| HDPE Pipes Manufacturers & Suppliers

HDPE Pipe| HDPE Pipes Manufacturers & Suppliers

This HDPE pipe is very strong to last for years. This ISI-certified pipe is available to the farmers at affordable prices. These HDPE Pipes are manufactured under the guidance of experienced experts by using world-class quality polymers along with advanced machines and techniques. This HDPE Lapeta Pipe is becoming the first choice of farmer brothers. Being more lightweight, the best HDPE-wrapped pipe can be carried by the farmer himself to his field without any resources. And it can be laid and wrapped after use without any help, and be flexible and easy to bend, it also saves labor cost in laying, it can be carried water on the high and low surfaces easily. Two pipes can be easily connected to each other to carry water over long distances and water can be transported to distant fields also.If the farmer brothers take out all the water in the pipe after irrigation and wrap it then the working period of the irrigation pipe increases and can be used for a longer time, this is the best HDPE pipe in different sizes according to the need of irrigation and farmer brothers facility of. Available in format. And after irrigation, it can be wrapped and stored in a small space and can be used again when needed.


Why we are No.1 HDPE Pipes Manufacturers & Suppliers

Irrigation pipes like ordinary pipe or LD lapeta pipe available in the market face many problems, due to quick cut or pipe failure in less time, farmer brothers have to change again and again. But VK. The best HDPE Lapeta Pipe manufactured by Pack Well is the solution to all these problems so now farmer brothers get full benefit of their money

long life-

Due to this irrigation lapeta pipe being u.v coated, even if kept in the sun, it does not face any problem for years. And this Lapeta pipe runs well for years.

light weight

Being made of woven fabric, V.K Lapeta Pipes are very light, they are very easy to carry from one farm to another, which does not require any extra effort and very easily Can be laid easily on the surface, whether it is high or low, and can be easily wrapped back once the job is done


Due to the sarvottam lapeta pipe being made of woven fabric, the chances of getting scratched and punctured are very less, due to which it lasts for years, but if the pipe gets punctured due to any reason, then Its puncture can be easily made with adhesive tape provided by company

            V.K lapetaPipe Testing 

interconnecting two or more lapeta pipes

We have two or more V.K. sarottam lapeta pipes can be easily connected, so that water can be carried comfortably on any type of surface for long distances, to connect two sarvottam lapeta pipes, bend a pipe upwards (about 2 feet) and Bend the second pipe inwards (about 2 feet), as soon as the water pressure starts, both the pipes lock each other and the farmer brothers can carry water for a long distance.

load carrying capacity

The load bearing capacity of V.K sarvotta lapeta pipe is very high as compared to other ordinary lapeta pipes. It bears the load of truck, tractor, two wheeler very easily while the water pressure in it remains constant.


There is a marking on the VK best lapeta  pipe every 6 meters so that the farmer brothers do not face any problem in measuring while taking the pipe.


V.K. sarvottam hdpe lapeta pipe is fully recyclable, which shows our company's objective of "Clean India, Green India" also moving forward.