A Simple Farmer “ Gyasi Ahirwar” Created a Business Worth Crores Like This

A Simple Farmer “ Gyasi Ahirwar” Created a Business Worth Crores Like This

Gyasi Ahirwar” created a business worth crores like this

Along with making earthworm manure, vermicompost, they do organic farming in 20 acres of farmland. Their manure and organic vegetables are in demand in other districts, due to which they get good profits. This is the biggest plant of organic fertilizer in Bundelkhand.

Gyasi Ahirwar has a plant in several acres in the name of Ambedkar Bio Fertilizer on the main road in Alapur village in the south direction, 17 km away from Lalitpur district headquarters. Gyasi Ahirwar (59 years), a simple farmer, shared his experience about starting the business of organic fertilizers. He said, “I used to often hear from people about making organic manure, I was not educated, so there was no hope of job at all, agriculture did not produce much, took training in many places of earthworm and vermicompost manure. "

He did not have money to start this business. He says, “I started with 20 kg earthworm 12 years ago by taking a loan of Rs 10 lakh from the bank. Initially, some institutions bought fertilizer worth three lakhs, this boosted our confidence, since then we have been doing business continuously, today we have fertilizers worth five crores.

where does the demand come from

The demand for organic fertilizers comes to Gyasi from 14 districts of Madhya Pradesh. In his twenty acres of farming, Gyasi cultivates old grains and vegetables organically. Their vegetables and native grains go to Delhi and Dehradun, for which they get good profits.

Gyasi Ahirwar may not be educated, but his experience in making organic manure is discussed in the entire Bundelkhand. Everyone salutes his spirit, from government departments to farmers. He has gone to many countries like Italy, Germany to share his experience.

Seeds, fertilizers, insecticides do not buy anything from the market, one kg earthworm is sold for Rs 610 per kg. One kg packets of vermi compost are sold for Rs 15-20, from agriculture department to non-government organizations buy these packets.

Apart from making organic manure to organic farming, Gyasi Ahirwar also gives free training to farmers on 15th of every month. Gyasi had done a business of about 50 lakhs last year.

Farmers who have to take advice from them, they can come and take advice at any time. On how Gyasi Ahirwar sells it, he says, “We get demand from outside, who once takes manure, they tell others, they have become familiar with each other. The price of 50 tonnes of goods kept is not getting right now, as soon as we get the price, we will sell it, in 45 days it becomes ready as organic fertilizer.