Easy Way to Ready Vermicompost by V.K Vermicompost Bed

Easy Way to Ready Vermicompost by V.K Vermicompost Bed

Vermicompost is a type of organic manure or fertilizer. Which is made by decomposing organic residues by earthworms and other types of insects. It is a type of odorless, clean, and organic manure made from organic material. In this, many types of micronutrient elements such as essential elements like nitrogen, calcium, potash are found in it.

Vermicompost is made by natural method, that is why neither does it harm the fields nor does the use of chemical fertilizers, which maintains the fertilizer capacity of the fields and the fields do not become barren. By not using chemical fertilizers, the environment is also safe.

What is Vermicompost?

After digesting the grass, garbage, dung, soil etc. swallowed by the earthworm, it comes out in the form of feces. This organic matter is in the ground state, it is called earthworm manure.

Proper place for making Vermicompost

To make vermicompost, such a place should be chosen where the environment is moist and shady because a place with a shady and moist environment is needed to make earthworm compost. While selecting the place of earthworm manure, special care should be taken about the source of water and drainage.

selection of earthworm species

As we all know that there are many species of earthworms and we can make earthworms compost from any species. But the best species for farmers is Isinia Florida. Earthworms of this caste are easily looked after.

Ingredients needed to make earthworm compost

For making earthworm manure, many types of materials are required such as –

  • According to your convenience or 2 to 3-meter pit for making earthworm crater
  • Small pebbles and stones of size 1 cm to fill the pit 3 inches.
  • To fill the sand soil pit by 3 inches
  • Dung manure – 50 to 80 kg
  • Dried organic – 40 to 60 kg
  • Agricultural waste and waste – 120 to 140 kg
  • 2000 earthworms
  • according to the water facility
  • how to make earthworm compost
  • Vermicompost bed will be required to make earthworm compost. In which necessary care will have to be taken to drain the water.
  • First of all, lay a layer of 2 to 3 inches thick bricks or small pieces of stone.
  • After this, spread another layer of sand 3 inches thick on top of the stone.
  • Now after this, a 5 inch layer of loam soil is spread.
  • This layer of soil is moistened with water, and about 50 to 60% moist.
  •  In the soil moist with water, 1000 earthworms are put in the soil with the fear of per square meter.
  • After this, little by little cow dung manure is put on top of the soil at many places. After this, grass, dry leaves are put on the cow dung.
  • Now cover it with a sacks or sackcloth and keep pouring water in it every day. This process lasts for about a month.
  • After one month, after removing the covered sackcloth or sacks, mix vegetal waste in it in the ratio of 6:4 and spread it in the form of a layer 2 to 3 inches thick.
  • While dumping the waste, pieces of plastic, metal and glass should be removed from it. After this, it should be covered again and water should be kept to keep the soil moist.
  • The waste should be kept in every week and water should be kept on adding daily according to the humidity.
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Earthworm compost is ready 45 days after the pit is filled. In these 45 days, keep turning the garbage once a week and keep giving water, stop watering on the 45th day, after two-three days the earthworms will go to the vermibed. By doing this the remaining earthworms will go to the lower rocky part and you can remove the manure.

Use earthworm manure (vermicompost) as per the need. First, dry it in the open air and fill it in a plastic bag with 20 to 25 percent moisture.

Benefits of earthworm manure

  • There are many benefits of using earthworm manure which are as follows-
  • All kinds of nutrients, hormones and jams are also found in it. Whereas only nitrogen, phosphorus and potash are found in fertilizers.
  • The effect of earthworm manure remains in the field for a long time and provides nutrients to the plants, while the effect of fertilizer ends soon.
  • Its use improves the configuration and structure of the land, while fertilizers spoil it.
  • Due to this, the land will not become barren quickly, whereas it becomes barren from fertile.
  • It is a completely natural fertilizer for crops, it does not have any side effects.
  • Reduces soil erosion and protects the environment.
  • The size, color, luster and taste of crops are improved, the productivity of the land increases, the quality of the product also increases as a result.
  • Increases air circulation inside the ground.

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