Zero budget farming means natural farming

Zero budget farming means natural farming

Farming has become such a business in the present era where the cost is increasing. Expensive machines, expensive fertilizers and costly seeds have increased the cost of farming to use new technologies. In such an era, zero budget farming is like a boon for those farmers who lack capital for farming. But if zero budget natural farming is done, then surely the production cost of the farmers will be less and more yield will be available in less cost as well as due to good quality of the produce, its prices will also be good in the market.

Zero budget natural farming in India

In such a scenario, "zero budget farming promises to end the dependence on loans and dramatically cut production costs, thereby ending the cycle of debt for farmers in desperate need.

Zero budget farming means natural farming

With the new technology of farming, farmers are using chemical fertilizers indiscriminately in their fields. Due to which the cost of production is increasing along with the increase in the yield of the farmer, but the farmers are not getting the proper price for their produce, due to which it is becoming a loss-making deal. Along with this, the fertility of the farmers' fields is also decreasing, the soil is also becoming barren. read also -organic farming in india

What is zero budget farming

Zero budget is a way of doing natural farming in which farming is done without any cost. Overall, it is completely natural farming. Zero budget natural farming rejects the investment of any product from outside in agriculture. In zero budget natural farming, indigenous cow dung and cow urine are used. With this method, only one cow dung and cow urine are required for cultivation on 30 acres of land.

Indigenous Cow species will be protected

Cow rearing is also of special importance in zero budget farming. Because Jeevamrit, Ghan Jeevamrit, Jaman Beejamrut are made from cow dung and urine of indigenous species. By using them in the field, along with the increase of nutrients in the soil, biological activities are expanded. Jeevamrut can be used with irrigation or spraying the field once or twice. Whereas Beejamrut is used to treat the seeds.

Desi seeds are used

Hybrid seeds are not used in zero budget natural farming. In its place, mutually indigenous improved species are used. With this method, the farmer does not need to buy fertilizers and fertilizers, pesticides and seeds from the market. Due to which the cost of production remains zero. Except single farming method, they do multi-cropping cultivation. That is, instead of growing one crop at a time, we grow many crops with it. To do zero budget natural farming, 4 techniques are used during farming. read also - parval farming

zero budget farming benifits

Where is zero budget farming?

Andhra Pradesh is the first state which has completely adopted zero budget farming. By the year 2024, the state government has set a target of taking zero budget farming to all the villages. In the year 2015, the state government had used zero budget natural farming as a pilot project in some villages. Today 5 lakh farmers here are doing zero budget farming. Apart from this, the Himachal Pradesh government has started a project to promote zero budget natural farming in its also - rain pipe

Benefits of zero budget Natural Farming

In zero budget farming, farmers get financial benefits, they do not have to spend money to buy fertilizers and seeds. Also, it is beneficial for the soil of the field because chemical fertilizers are not used in it. The yield of crops is good. It costs less but profits are high.

Satya Devi is successfully doing zero budget farming

Satya Devi is the first woman farmer of Himachal Pradesh who adopted Zero Budget Natural Farming in 2018. Satya Devi grows a variety of vegetables and fruits, crops like cereals in a small hill village 44 km from Shimla. Today sheis one of the people writing his success story by adopting zero budget farming method in the state. read also- Most Profitable Dealership 2021

Earnings have doubled

Satya Devi tells that due to the huge demand for organic products in her city and not much availability of organic products, she gets good prices for her products. read also- Easy Way to Ready Vermicompost

Farmer Earns Twice